A beautiful weekend

The Oak Hills Christian College alumni come together for alumni days each year. The planning committee does a great job of putting together the schedule. It lasts from Friday afternoon through Sunday forenoon. Oak Hills is a small college located outside of Bemidji, that started in 1946. Most of the older alumni were rural northern Minnesota residents.

Most of the readers of this column likely have never heard of Oak Hills. Fewer if any have ever been there. It was the outgrowth of a non-denominational missions outreach to the northwoods areas of Minnesota. Many Sunday schools and small churches were founded between 1926 and 1946. The college campus is located where two lakes come together on two sides of the campus. The beautiful wooded area was home to the headquarters and a Bible camp since the 1920s. The Bible camp is still operating and growing.

One of the really special times is when we reminisce about the past and bring each other up to date about the present. We usually do not see each other except during alumni days. Needless to say that during these years since we were freshmen in 1948, our numbers have gone down and down. One of our fellow alumni lost his dear wife to cancer recently. None of us knew it.

We were remembering our childhood days in the small country schools. Owen Hall told about going to Hall School on Hall Road when he was a child. The road led to his grandfather’s homestead farm when he migrated from the old country. The little schoolhouse was built on Hall Road. We all had memories to share. Then, of course, we always share memories about our college days at Oak Hills.

The alumni meeting on Saturday brings us up to date on what is presently going on. It also gives us insight concerning the plans and hopes for the future of our little college.

If our good health and strength remain for another year, we will be looking forward to our annual get together. Will the four guys and two gals from our time enjoy another time together? God knows.

For the 2013 Club, July 21 takes us to Psalms 21 and Acts 22.

Have a good and joyful two weeks. For each day is a gift.

Crist Langelett writes a twice-monthly column on faith. He is a chaplain for the city of North St. Paul and the Washington County Jail, He is also a volunteer at the local food shelf.

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