Letter: 'Not just for kids!'

To the editor:

This is in response to Deb Eckberg’s Viewpoint article on fighting to get your kids to wear bike helmets. Bike helmets are not just for kids!  I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s in rural Minnesota and rode my bike EVERYWHERE.

I fell off my bike a few times ending up rolling in the road ditch.

Somehow I never injured my head... that I remember!   Over the next 3 decades bike riding wasn’t so much a part of my lifestyle, until about 3 years ago.  Bike riding in a metro area is a completely different activity vs. rural Minnesota.  There are LOTS of obstacles that bike riders have to dodge and duck around.  

Early on May 26th I encountered one of the obstacles while on my bike and was launched into the concrete curb.

Concrete curbs are not as forgiving as a grass road ditch.  I landed on my shoulder and remember hitting my head on the curb.  I injured my collarbone, ribs and lung, but because I wore a bike helmet I was spared a traumatic brain injury! My helmet is broken... my head is not!! 

You’ll never see me riding a bike without a helmet. You can’t plan your fall nor does the fall happen to someone else! The mishap was purely an accident and no one else was involved nor around to assist me. 

Let us adults walk the talk and show our kids it’s cool to wear bike helmets so that we can “ride another day”!

KJ Olson

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