Use compostable bags for lawn, garden waste

Metro area residents are now required to use compostable plastic or paper bags when they bag up their yard waste, food waste, organics or other compostable material at the curb for collection

When your lawn and garden waste is picked up form  your home, it is delivered to a compost facility. traditional trash bags do not break down at these facilities and have to be taken out manually. In some facilities, equipment may mechanically shred the traditional bags and then try to screen out the shredded plastic. unfortunately not all of the plastic can always be removed, and it decreases the value and quality of the finished compost. the best solution is to avoid plastic bags coming into the facility. it saves time, money and reduces overall cots which can then be passed onto the consumer.

What are compostable plastic bags? They are usually clear or tinted a light shade of white, purple or green, and they must clearly state on the box that the bags meet ASTM D6400 standards for composting.

Some bags sold in the area may be marked biodegradable or degradable; but if they do not meet the ASTM standards they do not meet the new requirement for yard and garden waste collection. How can you tell? One of the most commonly used logos comes from the US Composting Council an clearly state, compostable on the label.

To place an order for compostable bags to be sent to your home go to recycling Association of Minnesota Web site and for more information about the new compostable bag requirements go to:

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