Letter: Wise up and snuff out smoking

To the editor:

If our governor read the warnings from his commissioner of public health about the dangers from smoking and second-hand smoke to us citizens, the tax on cigarettes not only would be raised significantly more but smoking be would banned as a threat to public health.

If smokers want to  smoke themselves to death, that is their perfect right and maybe civic duty but their second-hand smoke is taking too many of us non-smokers with them. Read the statistics from the state commissioner of health; the American Cancer Society for which I once worked, and the American Heart Association, among others.

Let’s get this straight: there is no such thing as “smokers’ rights.” There is the right of everyone to breathe clean, fresh air or at least air not further polluted by cigarettes and other tobacco products.

By rejecting my comprehensive smoking and second-hand smoke reduction plan over two years ago, our elected Roseville public officials failed to understand that cracking down on smoking makes our community a far more attractive destination for residence, business, shopping, recreation and more.

It’s time for them to wise up and snuff out smoking and second-hand smoke in Roseville.

Willard B. Shapira


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