Letter: “We just have the right values”

To the editor:

The DFL wants to raise taxes many times the amount needed to cover the deficit. Are you angry yet? The DFL wants to add taxes to clothes plus a plethora of additions to existing taxes and fees. Are you angry yet? The DFL senators want to give themselves a 35 percent pay raise to get full time salaries for part time work. Are you angry now? The DFL wants half a million bucks to add a 13th grade to handle students who had trouble with the first twelve. Are you angry yet?

The DFL wants forced unionization of child care workers. Sounds more like thuggery than valid legislation. The DFL is pushing gay marriage in defiance of those with traditional values. Candidates like Barb Goodwin just didn’t bother to tell us that during the fall campaign. Are you angry yet? Minnesota is the seventh highest taxed state in the nation. The DFL is pushing to make us number one, a dubious distinction. Are you angry enough now to dump the DFL for good? 

Are you positive enough to help Republicans right-size government and focus on the right things. Join us. Most of us are not rich. We just have the right values when it comes to government.  

Richard “Rick” Moses
New Brighton

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