Letter: A good way to serve

To the editor:

One of the best ways for residents and business owners in Arden Hills to participate in the governance of the city is to serve as a volunteer on one of the city’s commissions or committees.  Commissions and committees serve as a liaison between residents and business owners, and the city council. 

I have served on the Economic Development Committee (EDC) for four years and have found it to be a very rewarding endeavor. The EDC is currently seeking new members. The committee meets once per month for approximately two hours. Arden Hills’ commercial sector is very diverse, and the committee functions most effectively when its membership is representative of that diversity. The EDC welcomes both residents and business owners to serve on the committee. Volunteering on a commission or committee offers intangible rewards. Serving as a member of the Economic Development Committee is an opportunity to have your voice heard as well as being a contributing factor in the promotion of the City’s vitality.  

Ed von Holtum
Chair, Arden Hills                                          
Economic Development Commission


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