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South-West Review police reports Mar. 31, 2013

West St. Paul

-- Loss prevention staff at Kmart called police March 24 to report a theft of more than $7,800 in jewelry from a display case. Details of the theft are unknown, but police are currently reviewing surveillance tapes.
-- Talk your way out of this one: a clerk at a gas station on the 1200 block of Robert St. called police to complain about a group that arrived in a gold Chevy Malibu and started shoplifting. The driver of the vehicle insisted he didn’t know the people he was with who’d been caught in the act, but all three left together. Officers pulled the vehicle over soon after the call and arrested one of the passengers on an outstanding Hennepin County warrant.
-- Around $1,800 worth of copper was reported stolen from the outdoor lumberyard at Menard’s March 27.

Suspicious activity
-- Drivers near the intersection of Dodd Road and Smith Avenue called police March 24 to report a man who appeared to be drugged walking along the side of the street and yelling at cars. When an officer arrived on scene, the man explained he was simply walking to the gas station to pick up some cigarettes. The officer allowed the man to continue, but advised him to run his errands more quietly in the future.

-- If common sense doesn’t do the trick, try humiliation: a man who unloaded his trash in a dumpster belonging to a business on the 1100 block of Robert St. March 25 was quickly identified by pieces his garbage bearing his name and address. To resolve the issue, the man was forced to return to the dumpster to remove his garbage while an officer lectured him on the importance of sorting out his recyclables.
-- Six tires were dumped in an alley on the 900 block of Ottawa Ave. March 25. The tires were removed by public works employees, but the mystery behind them lives on.

Civilian assistance
-- Ulterior motive? Who, me? A man called the police department March 25 to ask officers what the legal ramifications would be for his ex if she were caught driving with a small quantity of marijuana in her car. Officers advised him on the laws without questioning his sudden interest in cleaning up the streets.

Auto theft
-- Salt isn’t the only thing on the roads that can sting an open wound: a woman who reported her car stolen from the 900 block of Robert St. March 22 called police again to report seeing someone drive past her in her own car on I-94 near I-35W while she was driving a friend’s borrowed vehicle to get around.
-- A gray 2001 Chevy Cavalier was reported stolen on the 400 block of Mendota Road March 26.

Inver Grove Heights

Disorderly conduct
-- Here’s a fun experiment in cause and effect: a man who lives in a multi-unit residence on the 300 block of Upper 76th St. called police March 9 to complain about his noisy neighbors. After the police had visited, advised the neighbors of the complaint and left, one of the noisy tenants marched up to the complainant’s door and began pounding and ringing the doorbell while screaming threats and profanity. Unsurprisingly, the resident called police again, and this time they cited the noisemaker for disorderly conduct.

Traffic stop
-- A random license plate query alerted an officer patrolling 70th Street near Blaine Avenue that the driver of the vehicle in front of him had a suspended license March 11. The driver provided the officer an old license and then began looking for proof of insurance. While he was digging around, the officer noted a particular illicit odor, and demanded the driver hand over his weed. Apparently the con artist’s trick of asking a victim to hand over a series of items until he gets confused worked in the law’s favor: the man promptly handed over a baggie and was cited for the weed inside, as well as for driving with a revoked license.

South St. Paul

Property damage
-- Getting locked out of your home shouldn’t be considered a failure of memory, but a test of composure -- which, for this woman, was also a failure: a couple living in an apartment building on the 700 block of 12th Ave. called police in the early morning hours March 27 to report a woman wailing and crying in the parking lot. When the husband walked out to the lobby to investigate, he found that someone had thrown a brick through the main entry to gain access, and spotted a woman darting up the stairwell to the third floor. Officers checked the third floor of the building for further drama but found nothing. The resident told officers he’d keep an eye out for his distraught neighbor.

-- Boys will be boys: what started as a benign dispute between two 18-year-old brothers March 23 over one owing the other $5 escalated to punching, wrestling and choking. Finally the brother who’d lent the money snatched his brother’s cell phone headset and left the home. The debtor brother at home then called police. While he did not wish to press charges, he told officers he suspected his brother would pawn the headset and use the money to buy weed as a means of recovering “overhead” on the defaulted loan.

Auto theft
-- A man called police March 24 to report his red Kia Spectra had been stolen. The man explained he’d spent the night in a friend’s apartment on the 200 block of Sixth St., but when he woke up in the middle of the night both the friend and his car keys were gone. The man told police he’d been calling his friend all day, but she had yet to answer her phone. The man called police again that night and said the woman had finally returned the car, saying she’d borrowed it to visit a friend. An officer advised the man it’s risky business hanging with friends who borrow cars without asking, and the man said as of that night no longer had any such friends.

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