Letter: Diddly squat?

To the editor:

Elections have consequences, as is painfully apparent by the abysmally poor representation citizens of District 41 are getting from Sen. Barb Goodwin and  Rep. Connie Bernardy and Rep. Carolyn Laine. This is a wake-up call to all of those who stayed home last election day and allowed highly organized liberal interests and  low-information voters to elect such lackluster candidates.

What have these three bureaucrats done for us this  legislative session? Diddly squat. They have, however, diligently advanced the  statist agenda of the most liberal and inept governor in the nation. In the midst of the Obama recession and social upheaval they have arrogantly pushed to raise taxes and spending, impose freedom robbing socialized medicine on us, increase costs and job killing regulations on the private sector, politically pay off their partisan special interests, further empower government intrusion into our lives, infringe on our constitutionally guaranteed rights, and  implement liberal social engineering. They have made no effort to cut the size,  scope, or cost of the increasingly inefficient state government and may even  finagle themselves and their bureaucrat cronies a hefty pay raise while forcing  those of us who pay the bills to surrender even more of our wealth and  liberty.

Tired of being treated as a subject rather than a citizen?  Unfortunately we cant immediately undo the disastrous results of the last  election, but we can work hard to start to reign in excessive and over  reaching government through the local elections this year and the state elections next year.

Steve Taylor
New Brighton

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