Did you know?  In 18 years, Oak Meadows ... 

Johanna shopping at Oak Meadows’ annual craft show.

Roy enjoying the annual car show.

Having fun with staff and tenants!

Chaplain Carol has devotions once a week; this time it was in the fireside lounge. .

This year Oak Meadows is partnering with Northern Clay Center for three classes of 8 weeks each

Did you know?  In 18 years, Oak Meadows ... 

• activity staff and volunteers have taken over 3,999 community bus trips? 

• tenants, staff and volunteers, have supported the local communities through the Holiday Helping Hands program, donations to food shelves and volunteering with schools? 

• has had dozens of local groups visiting and volunteering? 

• has been blessed with five chaplains who have led over 600 worship services, Bible Studies, Devotions, Grief Groups?  And recently added a Bell Choir and Singing Choir? 

• has served over 19,656 meals in the dining room, not including all the special events they do. 

• on-site home health care has provided round-the-clock care for over 157,680 hours? 

• has had 14 staff members who have worked 10-plus years?

• been on local TV stations, WCCO, KSTP and KARE and in all the major newspapers in Minnesota? 

• received numerous awards?  

• receive ongoing training in dementia?  

• has staff that have been on state and local boards? 

• has very active board members? 


Oak Meadows is so proud to be a part of this community and looks forward to another 18-plus years! 

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