Outdoor recreational toys are within your reach

Rick Barstow’s fleet of toys has grown from a few to over 44 including snowmobiles, four-wheelers, RVs and more. He has plans to expand things even more in the upcoming year.


230 points  -  $2,000/year

560 points  -  $3,495/year

990 points  -  $5,995/year

1,220 points  -  $8,995/year










East metro residents rejoice! The best outdoor fun store is within your reach. 

A “toy store” in Oakdale can get you on a jet ski, pontoon boat, RV or four-wheeler for a low price and with no hassle, thanks to Rick Barstow.

Starting out with no more than a parking lot, a single boat in a slip on the St. Croix River, one camper, and two four-wheelers, Barstow, a Woodbury native, has come a long way.

Now, with a clubhouse and 44 toys — boats, campers, jet skis, snowmobiles and more — his innovative sporting club, Fractional Toy Store, is a hub for outdoor fun.

Fractional Toys offers unique sports vehicle rentals for a family trip, weekend outing, a day of boating, you name it. The shop also offers four different membership levels for all budgets and lifestyles. 

For as little as $2,000 per year, you can have four days of boating, two snowmobile rides, two four-wheeler rides, and a weekend with a camper. Or, bump it up a notch and you can do excursions day in and day out, all year round.

Barstow, a U.S. Navy veteran, came up with the idea for his shop after years in the boating industry as a salesman, and then honed the idea while attending business school at Concordia College.

His shop sits in the very same building where he once worked as a boat salesman for Marine Max. His office is the old break room, he says with a grin, looking at how far he’s come.

Through his years of hard work at Marine Max, he had a built-in customer base when he started that’s continued to grow. 

“I did everything I could to help people get into the right boat,” he recalls.

He figures he’s way ahead of the competition on his unique business model. 

“There’s nowhere in the country like this,” he says, and it shows — his fleet is growing and so is his member base. 

There are currently more than 60 members, including some small businesses and larger companies.

With his wide array of outdoor toys, he figures even boat owners can take advantage of the club’s membership options — for instance, they can use a larger pontoon for a day, or go on a trip with a camper, or take their kids snowmobiling on a whim. 

For those who fall in love with his fleet of vehicles, he’ll help you buy what you’re looking for — he once had a member ask him for help buying a four-wheeler, and he went with the customer personally to the dealer, to help the customer get a good deal. 

With his numerous partnerships with dealerships, he’s well connected to deals on high-quality, high-value recreation equipment.

But, for those who don’t want to buy, Barstow wants his members to feel like they own the sporty vehicles themselves, without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. To make sure customers get the best experience, all of the vehicles are brand new and under warranty.

What’s more, he and his staff will help you make sure your trip is thoroughly enjoyable. 

“We act like a concierge,” he says. That includes giving recommendations on camping spots and trails, as well as hooking members up with equipment they’ll need for their trip, like bike racks, satellite TV gear and more.

The place is business-friendly, too. They’ll help a company do a team-builder, hooking them up with catering, a clubhouse meeting room, and give the group room to build relationships and talk business. Some business members even do incentive programs with him, where hard-working employees get rewarded with free boat or jet ski rentals, for example.

As much as Barstow runs a tight ship, he keeps it casual for the customer. For that reason, he avoids putting his logo all over the boats, snowmobiles, campers, etc., so members aren’t flaunting the fact that they’re using rented equipment.

He explains he isn’t worried about not taking advantage of the free advertising opportunity on the outdoor fleet — he figures that’s taken care of through happy customers.

“If we take care of our members, they’ll go out and spread the word for us,” he says.

By the same stroke, Barstow is laid back about scheduling — if you rent a boat, and you get to the river and it’s pouring, you won’t lose the points you’ve paid for. Instead, just let him know, and reschedule.

Barstow plans to introduce some new programs for the next year. He’ll add high-end cars, custom Jeeps and motorcycles into the mix for the motor enthusiasts.

He’s also excited to be introducing a clubhouse to Fractional Toy Store, where people can hold private parties or corporate get-togethers. The area will be equipped with couches, big screen TVs, a pool table, a kitchen, and will be styled like a cool, retro gas station.

“It’s going to look amazing,” Barstow says. To get in on the clubhouse, act soon — it’s already getting booked out for events, including the World Series, Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 and Super Bowl Sunday!

Starting this March, they will be offering automotive detail service, which will be open to the public.

While giving back to their members, Fractional Toys also has community partnerships with veteran-oriented charities, including Fishing For Life, and the Minnesota Vikings charity fund.

So, if you’re looking for a place that gives back to you and the community, join the Fractional Toys club, and get outdoors on a snowmobile, jet ski, camper, or a pontoon.

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