Cerenity Senior Care Marian is your one-stop-shop for senior living

The community at Cerenity Marian isn’t just limited to residents. The McCarthy grandkids have become part of the community as well. Below, Anne Kolar, left, visits with Corrine Bauer, who has been a resident for almost three years.

Back in 1978, Catholic Services for the Elderly decided there was a need for a Catholic nursing home in St. Paul. As a result of their work, Marian of Saint Paul — a Catholic senior care center — was opened in the Mounds Park Hospital building in 1989. In 2005, Marian joined several other campuses to form Cerenity Senior Care. Today there are three Cerenity Senior Campuses in the St. Paul area.

Anne Kolar, marking director, says there are five levels of care at this modern facility in a wooded setting next to Indian Mounds Park, which overlooks the Mississippi River. 

Cerenity’s continuum of care offers independent living and assisted living apartments, nursing home services with skilled nursing staff and transitional therapy, enhanced assisted living and memory care. Cerenity Marian also offers DayAway, an adult day program. Cerenity Marian DayAway has two locations: One on the St. Paul campus and one on the St. Ambrose of Woodbury campus.

As a faith-based community, the staff at Cerenity Marian are encouraged to be conscious of living out the facility’s mission and core values — hospitality, respect, collaboration and stewardship.

“By practicing our core values on a daily basis, we provide a welcoming, warm environment in which residents can thrive at the highest level and quality of life,” Kolar says.


‘A done deal’

For Regina and Dick McCarthy, deciding on Cerenity Care Marian was an easy decision. Dick’s mother lived at Cerenity for 12 years, and Regina says they visited her every day.

“We looked at other places, but we were set on Marian,” Regina says. “It was like coming home.” 

The McCarthys first started thinking about moving when their daughter asked them what their plans were if they couldn’t live in their apartment anymore. Dick says he encourages people to have their kids and other family members be a part of the decision-making process. 

They’ve now been residing at Cerenity for nearly two years.


Shopping around

Corrine Bauer, who has been a resident for three years, says she started touring different senior living centers because she wanted to plan ahead.

She visited six or seven senior living centers before choosing Cerenity Care Marian. 

Corrine says she liked the potential for living in an active community.

“That was important to me because I hadn’t really retired yet, but I didn’t intend to just not do anything,” she says.


Plenty of amenities

Something that appealed to all three residents was the closeness of Cerenity Marian to places they liked to visit. Dick says it’s a quick 10-minute bus ride to downtown St. Paul.

Corrine adds there also are plenty of amenities within easy driving distance such as Walgreens, Target, Cub Foods, medical facilities, restaurants and more.

While Cerenity is close to a bus stop, there is also a shuttle bus that residents can sign up for. 

They also emphasize Cerenity has lots of fun things to do in the facility as well. There are music performances, movie nights, cards and table games, yoga classes, and the list goes on. Corrine adds that she recently joined the Cerenity book club.

Many residents choose Cerenity Marian because of a rich spiritual life on the campus. Serving people of all faith traditions, the Spiritual Care program offers compassionate care to residents and families. Opportunities to pray together, study scripture and talk about life experiences bring richness to life shared on the campus. Services offered in the beautiful chapel include daily Catholic mass, as well as Interfaith services.

“There are religious opportunities here for everyone,” Regina says. 


A welcoming community

Corrine notes that there is a conscious effort to welcome new people to Cerentiy Marian. She describes it almost like a buddy system.

Regina says there also are plenty of smaller communities for residents to join, such as bridge and cribbage players.

Dick and Regina’s grandkids, Molly and William, have even been welcomed into the community.

“They have not just us as grandparents. They have lots of grandparents,” Regina says with a chuckle. 


A home for life

When Corrine was exploring different senior living options, she says she was particularly interested in the various levels of care each place offered. 

She wanted to know that if her needs changed, “Would those new needs be met where she was currently living, or would she have to move to a new facility?”

Because of the continuum of care offered at Cerenity Marian, Dick says you can go step-by-step to the different levels if needed without looking for another home.

He adds Cerenity Marian has a unique and welcoming approach at all of its care levels.

“It’s not just a bunch of old folks sitting here waiting to die. There’s a whole lot of interesting and fun stuff going on in this friendly community,” he says.

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