Borchert’s: Meet your local meat market

Borchert’s Meat Market has a wide selection of pork, beef, chicken and even seafood for customers to choose from. Items in the case can vary daily. “It’s where I go to buy quality meats. Friendly service and unbeatable prices.” —Will P.

Above, Jonathan Borchert helps at the family store when home from college. All five Borchert kids help around the store. Below, besides the meat counter, Borchert’s has a little convenience store.

Roughly three years ago, Dave and Donna Borchert became partners in Stokke's Meat Market. This past November, they bought out the owner of Stokke's and made the place their own, opening Borchert's Meat Market.

"For us it was kind of a no-brainer," Dave says of purchasing the full-service meat shop, which stocks a wide selection of homemade brats, jerky, Dago's and much more.

Members of the Maplewood community for 22 years, Dave and Donna say they pride themselves on operating a family business. All five of their kids —- Jonathan, Jeremy, Jacob, Josie and Joe —- work in the shop, located on Frost Avenue in Maplewood.

This is now a truly locally owned business, and Dave and Donna try to be on a first-name basis with their customers. 

"I always give it the analogy of being the 'Cheers' of the meat market. An 'everyone knows your name,' kind of place," Dave says.

Donna says customers can expect a more welcoming experience than at bigger grocery stores or big-box retailers. There are a lot of conversations between employees and customers because, as Donna says, a trip to Borchert's could be someone's only trip out of the house for the day, so it ought to be special.

Borchert's Meats tries to keep prices low. With a family of seven, Donna says she knows what it's like to try to feed a family on a budget.

"They've got families to feed and that's important," Donna says. "We want to be their meat market."

An extensive remodel was done when the store was still Stokke's, expanding the meat counter by 8 feet, making the space all the more inviting.


Surf and Turf

Borchert’s offers a wide variety of high-quality meats and seafood; you can be sure they'll have everything you need. 

Dave says they are known for their brats and gourmet burgers, like the pepper bacon ranch burger. Another popular item is the shop's special porketta roast, which consists of a pork butt stuffed with pork loin. Dave says it makes a great roast or "the best pulled pork you'll ever have."

When cooking moves outdoors, Borchert's offers an item known as the Gangster Roll that is always a hit. Dave describes the “Gangster Roll” as a pork loin stuffed with Italian sausage, pepperoni, pepper jack cheese, and seasonings. 

Borchert's Meat Market sells more than delicious meats; it's got the goods to fill out the needs of any meal with its convenience store side.

One can find vintage soda pops, side dishes to go with the meat and items not found everywhere else, such as Stokke's pizzas and Bridgeman's Ice Cream.

Dave says he wants the store to be a contributing member to the community in which his family lives and works, and Borchert's has participated in fundraisers for area schools

Meat sold at Borchert's is all natural, grass-fed and locally raised. And when someone buys meat from Borchert's, Donna says it's ready to be cooked right when it gets home because many items from the case are trimmed, seasoned and ready to go.

Dave adds that smaller mom-and-pop shops offering friendly service and quality homemade products are making a comeback.

"I think the tide is changing a little bit, and people are really liking the small feel" of places like Borchert's Meat Market, he says.

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